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#TIBFAQS 2022! The Solution to Your TIBCO Development-Based Questions

#Tibfaqs 2022! The Solution To Your Tibco Development-Based Questions

Improve your knowledge about TIBCO technology and also solve the issues that you are facing in your daily development tasks

Introducing #Tibfaqs: The Solution To Your Tibco Development-Based Questions
Introducing TIBFAQs by Alex Vazquez

TIBFAQS is here! This new year I would like to start several initiatives, and I hope you can walk with me during this journey. As you may know, I am a TIBCO Architect, so in my daily activities, I got a lot of questions and inquiries about how to do different things with TIBCO technology from TIBCO BusinessWorks to TIBCO EMS or TIBCO Spotfire.

I have noticed that some of these questions are similar from one customer to another, so I would like to use this platform to share all this knowledge to benefit in our daily activities and use the technology most efficiently.

1.- How is this going to work?

I will use some of the common topics that I am aware of in terms of TIBCO development questions and create a periodic article covering it with detail and with a sample application showing the problem and the solution. All the code will be available in my GitHub repository to use for your own reference.

2.- Can I send you my questions?

Yes, sure!! That should be amazing! As I said, I would like to create an engaging community around these posts so we all can benefit from there. So I would like to see your questions and to send them to me you can do it in the following ways:

  • Twitter: You can send me a mention at @alexandrev on Twitter or a DM or even just using the hashtag #TIBFAQs that I will monitor.
  • Email: You can send me an email to alexandre.vazquez at with your question.
  • Instagram: You can send me a DM on Instagram at @alexandrev

3.- Where is this going to start?

This will start in late January. The idea is to have at least an article in a bi-weekly periodicity, but that will depend a lot on this initiative’s engagement. The more you share and talk about this initiative to your peers, and the more questions you send to me, the more articles I will create.

4.- What is next?

Since today you can start sending your questions and sharing your feedback about this initiative, and you can follow this blog to wait for the articles to come! Let’s do it together!

#Tibfaqs 2022! The Solution To Your Tibco Development-Based Questions
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash