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Best USB Charger To Keep In Your BackPack: A 2022 Edition

Best Usb Charger To Keep In Your Backpack: A 2022 Edition


There are so many different kinds of USB chargers you need to use in your daily life of very different types. We already covered some of the best complete chargers for Apple devices but today we are going to talk about the cables, but it s the same story: type c usb charger, USB PD charger, lightning charger, micro USB charger, and even more important there so many brands and qualities and factors that make complex.

So, today I would like to talk about the different cables that I used or am using today, especially on my backpack to bring always with me to help me with the complicated duty to have always the batteries of my devices charged and try to pack as minimal as possible. I would like to share with you a link and a price range as well so you can choose what works best for you in case you are looking for a USB charger.

Baseus 3 in 1 Type C USB Charger for iPhone 13 12 Retractable Fast Charger Cable 100W USB Type C Cable for Macbook Pro Samsung Xiaomi

Best Usb Charger To Keep In Your Backpack: A 2022 Edition
Best Usb Charger To Keep In Your Backpack: A 2022 Edition 15

I will start with my current favorite because it covers the main things that I need, first of all, is a type c charger from the source, so you will need to have an adapter c plug to charge it, or a device such as a type c laptop or similar to provide the energy from.

On the other side, it has 3 options: another type c charger, a lightning charger for apple devices, and a micro USB charger for this low battery or quite old devices that still need this way of charging.

Regarding its length is around 1.1 m but it is also retractile so you can always have it collapsed when you are not using it or when the target device is close to you always will use a minimum size on your backpack. You have several colors (the one I chose is black because I am pretty much a black device kind of person) but you can choose from black to green or pink or blue depending on your preference.

The great thing is that the USB c charger can provide up to 100 W so which means that this cable can charge your laptop or big device if needed and that’s a very important thing when you are planning to buy one of these USB chargers

The main problem with this product is the price because all these capabilities come with a price, the cost is around 25$ for this version, but they also provide other options in case you don’t need all these features.

If you would like to have a USB port instead of a USB c port in origin, they have another version that has the same capabilities but the charge goes up to 66W so it would be not useful to charge your devices on the other hand it would be easier to use it as pretty much everything today has a USB A port (your car, an AC adapter, or even your toothbrush case such as the one using some models of Oral B toothbrush. Here is the link for the 66W version that is also available in several colors and the price comes down to 15$ in this case:

3A PD 60W USB Type C To USB C 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps Data Cable USB C QC3.0 Fast Charge Video SSD Short USB Cord Wire For MacBook Pro

Awesome small PD USB c to USB c with less than 13 cm that is the perfect size to plug my laptop to my external battery to plug my MacBook pro when I am outdoors and I don’t have access to any other option. Has the support for Power Delivery so that’s an awesome option to have a minimal cable to pack with your battery always together and the price is also competitive such as 5$

Other options in case you are looking for longer cables as I used to replace the original ones from my MacBook that it hasn’t been of the best quality you can take a look at this also a very competitive price of $2 for 2 cables of 1 m long:

Portable Magnetic Wireless Charger for Apple Watch 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Fast Charging Pad Station for Samsung Galaxy Watch S3 S4 Active

Let’s also include a mini cable charger for an apple watch or Samsung watch if you already have one. This small device will help you to charge your smartwatch quite easily as it has two ports: one USB A and another USB C so you can choose the port that works best for you. Sometimes you will use the USB C port of your laptop other types the USB A that is available at the airport or at your AC adapter and you will provide a new charge to your smartwatch to continue to use it on the go. All of that is at a price of around $6.

Best Usb Charger To Keep In Your Backpack: A 2022 Edition
Best Usb Charger To Keep In Your Backpack: A 2022 Edition 16

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