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#TIBFAQS: TIBCO BW Configuration at Runtime

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Configuration At Runtime

Discover how the OSGI lcfg command can help you be sure which is the configuration at runtime.

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Configuration At Runtime
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Knowing the TIBCO BW configuration at runtime is became critical as you always need to know if the latest changes has been applied or just want to check the specific value for a Module Property as part of your development.

When we are talking about applications deployed on the cloud one of the key things is Configuration Management. Especially if we include into the mix things like Kubernetes, Containers, External Configuration Management System things got tricky.

Usual configuration when we are talking about a Kubernetes environment for configuration management is the use of Config Maps or Spring Cloud Config.

When you can upload the configuration in a separate step as deploying the application, you can get into a situation where you are not sure about what is the running configuration that a BusinessWorks application has.

To check TIBCO BW configuration there is an easy way to know exactly the current values:

  • We just need to get inside the container to be able to access the internal OSGI console that allows us to execute administrative commands.
  • We have spoken other times about that API but in case you would like to take a deeper look you just need to check this link:
  • And one of the commands is lcfg that allows knowing which configuration is being used by the application that is running:
curl localhost:8090/bw/framework.json/osgi?command=lcfg

With an output similar to this:

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Configuration At Runtime
Sample Output For The Lcfg Command Of A Running Businessworks Container Application


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#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Configuration At Runtime