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#TIBFAQS: TIBCO BW Impaired Status: How to solve it?

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Impaired Status: How To Solve It?

Learn the main reasons behind an Impaired status and how you can perform troubleshooting to identify and solve the error.

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Impaired Status: How To Solve It?
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This is another post of the #TIBFAQS series. To remind you what all this about is, you can submit your questions regarding TIBCO developing issues or doubts and try to provide an answer here to try to help the community of TIBCO developers out there.

So, today I am going to start with one of the most common issues when we work with BusinessWorks, and it is when I am going to deploy my application or test it locally, and I get this log trace and nothing after that: TIBCO BW Impaired Status.

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Impaired Status: How To Solve It?
Impaired Status Error&Nbsp;Message

This is one of the usual situations for a BusinessWorks junior developer and one of the reasons you have more time spent doing troubleshooting. Let’s get some tricks today, so this message will never again stop you in your journey to production.

What is the cause of this error?

This error means that the BusinessWorks runtime is not able to meet all the dependencies among the components to be able to start. As you probably know, BusinessWorks each of the applications’ components is managed independently, and they are referencing each other.

For example, the Application depends on the Application Module and the Shared Module. The Application module can have a dependency on a JMS Connection and so on.

Situations that can raise this error

Let’s take a look now at the situation that can raise this error and solve it.

1.- Missing module or incompatible versions

One usual situation that can lead to this problem is missing modules or incompatible versions of the modules. In that case, the referencable component will wait for a module or a specific version of a module to be started. Still, this module is missing, or it is starting another version.

2.- Not valid shared connections

Another option can be if some of the components are required to establish the connection with other technologies such as JDBC connections, JMS connections, KAFKA connections, or another one of the more than 200 connectors available.

3.- Missing Starter component in the Module Descriptors

The last of the usual suspects here is when you have a Stater component in the Module Descriptors, but this process is not available inside the EAR file that you are deploying. That dependency is never satisfied, and that leads to unlimited Impaired status.

How to detect what component is missing?

To help you in the process of detecting in which situation you are, you have an incredible tool at your disposal which is the command la from the OSGi Console Interface.

This command helps us list the applications deployed in this specific AppNode or container and give us the details of them, including the reason for an Impaired situation.

#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Impaired Status: How To Solve It?

How to run the OSGi console depends on your deployment model, but you can read all the information about it in the link below:


I hope you find this interesting to solve your TIBCO BW Impaired status on your apps, and if you are one of those facing this issue now, you have information not to be stopped by this one. If you would like to submit your questions feel free to use one of the following options:

  • Twitter: You can send me a mention at @alexandrev on Twitter or a DM or even just use the hashtag #TIBFAQs that I will monitor.
  • Email: You can send me an email to alexandre.vazquez at with your question.
  • Instagram: You can send me a DM on Instagram at @alexandrev
#Tibfaqs: Tibco Bw Impaired Status: How To Solve It?