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Best Technical Items I Bought Recently On AliExpress — September 2021 Edition

Best Technical Items I Bought Recently On Aliexpress — September 2021 Edition

This month we will go with a “Remote-worker” edition to improve your main gadgets when you are working outside your usual (home)office.

Best Technical Items I Bought Recently On Aliexpress — September 2021 Edition
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

We all know that there are a lot of things in AliExpress, some of them work as expected and you love them as soon as you get it at home and some don’t meet your expectations and they disappointed you a bit.

My idea here is to try to save some efforts on your side to try to go directly to the items that I have bought recently that I found useful not only while I was watching them on the web but also as soon as they arrived at my home:

Apple Keyboard Cover

For this working remote session that I need to work on pretty much every place, you can imagine. My usual home, vacation home, cafes, just in some table outside I have found very useful the Apple Keyboard.

It is very small in size but very comfortable for a small keyboard so it is being a critical part of my backpack so I have decided to add a cover to it.

I found this at AliExpress that was so great that I decided to also buy another one to give a gift to my sister as well.

100W USB-C Laptop Charger For The Car

Again related to work remotely I already said that I can work in any place imaginable. So I also do it on the car while I am not driving of course, so I decided to add to my toolchain a 100W USB-C car charger that will power not only all my USB-C items but also my Macbook Pro 13″ 2021.

And then we can complete with a USB-C to USB-C 100W cable as well

iPad Second Screen Mounter for Laptop

This has changed my life completely. After Apple released the usage of Sidecar to be able to use my iPad (in my case, this will be an iPad Mini 5th Generation) as a second screen of my Macbook I was looking for a device ready to place the iPad close to the laptop so we can use it without needing much space just place it at the side of the main screen.

This component will have the great quality to do the job and also provide a high-quality look and a lot of different replaces to fit any screen of the tablet and any screen of the laptop and also provide a hole to be able to charge and connect the tablet to the laptop or to an external power source